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Top 3 reasons why you NEED a fitness tracker

Top 3 reasons why you NEED a fitness tracker Wellbeing

'It’s no doubt that inactivity can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues. Weight gain, onset chronic and acute illness, reduced productivity levels, increased stress and poor sleep quality are to name a few.

Activity trackers are at the height of fashion and are a popular way to keep track of your daily movement. Some even track your sleep and offer GPS tracking. 

So what are the benefits of Fitness Trackers and what should you consider when choosing one. 

Improves your overall health and wellness

Research has shown that wearing an activity tracker can be very beneficial for your health, as they provide insights into how much we move each day by showing our step counts in addition with other stats like heart rate monitoring or even sleep tracking functions! 

The sensors in the device will tell whether or not we get enough sleep and what quality of sleep it was. It can also monitor mood changes during any given day (such as stress) so that new insights into one’s own health might be found

Fitness watches aren't just used while working out anymore; you can use them when at rest too thanks largely due their reminders allowing us more time away from screens which should help maintain good habits overall

Since the tracker is there to help with your workout, most will have a timer feature and let you set alarms for certain intervals. Some even detect what kind of activity it was so that they can track this accurately, Nowadays many are waterproof with some having the ability to track swimming. 

Heart Rate Monitors

Knowing your resting heart rate is essential to knowing whether or not the beats are too high which can be linked with health problems. If they're consistently above 70BPM than this might indicate that you have some sort of an underlying condition instead of just being "overly" active at rest.

The British Heart Foundation suggests for ideal levels between 50-70 bpm depending on gender - The average adult has a normal range anywhere from 60 - 100 BPMs 

Knowing what's normal for you will help in determining if there are any issues going on under or over (always speak to a GP if you have any concerns regarding your heart rate)

Improves your NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis 

It's not just about how much you move when you exercise, but all the movement you do throughout the day adds up. A fitness tracker will account for all the movement you do outside of exercise. This will give you a better overall view of your physical activity so that you can make adjustments in order to improve your health. Wearing a tracker will keep you accountable. 

Remember small changes like using the stairs rather than a lift at work or getting up from your desk every hour can make a huge difference over the day. 

A common aim is for 10,000 steps per day but if you find this easy make a goal which is achievable and will push yourself harder.

Other things to consider 

If you are always on the go, you may not want to be stuck with a dead smartwatch. The battery life can vary depending upon what you're doing some watches might last for days while others may need more time between charges; some fitness bands will only get one week before running out of juice. There are a few trackers on the market which have replaceable batteries and will last approximately 6 months or the Garmin Fenix 6 which will includes a solar cell to extend battery life between charges.

Our favourite trackers for you

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In conclusion, investing in a fitness tracker is not only optimal for measurable data inline with your fitness goals, but it can also prompt you to remain accountable and give you a better understanding of your overall health and wellness.