Fitness in Fifteen

Your choice of fitness workouts right at your fingertips. Your health is your greatest wealth and at Fitness in 15, we truly believe that a fit body and fit mind depend on one another. The challenge is how to achieve this when life leaves us time poor. Fortunately, we have the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Workout on your terms

Your lifestyle means that you rarely have the time to ‘make time’ for you!

You are not alone, there are literally thousands of people who also have super busy lives and simply struggle to find the time to stay fit and healthy which is why we’ve carefully collated the best fitness and wellness coaches to give you powerful 15 minute sessions that you can do while on the go and fit into any schedule.

15 minutes before breakfast, 15 minutes at lunch time, 15 minutes before dinner - whenever you want to squeeze in your 15 minutes is up to you.

A range of workouts for all fitness levels

Consistency is the key to maintaining youthful energy which is why mixing up your daily workouts is crucial to keep your mind focused on working out each and every day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll begin feeling stronger, slimmer and more energised from consistently working out 15 minutes a day, which is why we are constantly adding workouts from beginner to advanced level so you always have a new workout available to suit you.

  • With or without equipment
  • Workout type
  • Any fitness level

Filter and find your perfect workout

Pick your perfect workout to suit your mood, energy levels, equipment available and fitness ability using our filter and find feature.

Found your favourite workout? You can save it for next time

We all have favourites, so we've made saving yours easy! Simply add a workout to your favourite section to make it easy to revisit when you log in next time.