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Could Fitness Snacking Be The Answer?

Could Fitness Snacking Be The Answer? Wellbeing

With the squeeze on our wallets and spare time under pressure like never before, choosing micro-workouts over longer gym sessions, could benefit both your pocket and diary space. 

Like so many people across the planet, 2020 wreaked havoc on most peoples exercise routines, which for many, had detrimental effects on both mental and physical health. Fast forward two years, we’re now in the middle of the biggest cost of living crisis for decades and jumping back into that pre lockdown exercise schedule seem ten times harder.

With longer working hours, and the rising costs, means cutting back on expensive gym memberships, personal trainers and small group classes. You are not alone if you feel like working out consistently almost feels impossible and too expensive!

Have you over the past few years, yo-yoed between being entirely static and over-exercising?

You are not alone. 

This behaviour is often exacerbated by a sudden change in routine, such as work patterns or social life and also stress. And let's face it, the past two years have seen more and more people yo yo with their exercise regime like never before!


What actually is fitness snacking?

Fitness snacking, also known as micro workouts, means doing short bursts of movement spread over the course of the day (think: pacing whilst on a work call, climbing three flights of stairs instead of taking the lift, going for a 15-minute walk, or taking a 15 minute  Fitness in 15 Class.)

All this as opposed to sweating it out for 45 or 60 minutes at a stretch. 

Now that so many of us are still working from home and quite possibly have given up gym memberships to save a little extra cash, squeezing in a 45-60 minute session can seem pretty tough. Given how accessible it is for people of all fitness experiences and time limits, it’s no wonder that fitness snacking has proven so popular around the globe.

Ultimately - fitness snacking and micro workouts are about ‘training smart’ and creating new habits


  • Start smaller than you think, and make the frequency and length of time realistic for you to do on any kind of day. Often, people have high expectations of themselves and are unwilling to give themselves credit for completing small tasks. On the Fitness in 15 platform we have over 100 different workouts that are 15 minutes or less for you to pick and choose from, including saving your favourites in your own personal dashboard.
  • It’s easy to exercise when you feel motivated, but what about the days when you are lacking motivation? Try and set up a routine that is achievable regardless what life throws your way! Remember, consistency is KING.
  • When setting your goals for fitness snacking, think about what could get in your way and throw you off course. Make is as easy as possible for you to do. When looking to create new exercise habits, you want to create the path of least resistance and increase the chance you will do the desired behaviour. Get your gym gear ready the night before, choose the workout you're going to do and schedule it in. Do everything in your power to make it a non negotiable.
  • Are bad habits halting your progress? Beyond just thinking about embedding fitness snacking into your day, consider if you have any problematic habits. For example, do you regularly go to bed too late? Leaving you too tired to exercise? Do you regularly drink alcohol? Leaving you fuzzy headed and dehydrated in the morning. These areas are just as important to address.

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