Fitness in Fifteen

Meet your Fitness in 15 coaches. Each coach has been carefully chosen for their knowledge, expertise and experiential coaching skills, to engage and keep you inspired to come back every day.

Meet Vanessa



As an Industry Veteran, Fitness Leader, and Mentor, I have found that health and wellness are more than sexy buns and biceps (although these are great bi-products). True health and wellness are reflected when we are living optimally. Strength endurance are just the beginning.

Barre blends the best from Pilates, athletics, Yoga, and ballet to lengthen, strengthen and burn your bits. This challenging, low-impact workout is perfect for all levels  and will help improve overall alignment, flexibility, endurance, as well as sculpt the body

Quality of life is the goal! Let's get it done and have some fun.

Other Coaches

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    Liv Dance Fitness

  • Dave

    Dave Sleep Guidance

  • Lynne

    Lynne Pilates

  • Rachael

    Rachael Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation